Wing Sail

Our Air Force Wing Sail offers the versatility to be used with Wing Foil Board, SUP, Snow Skis or Snowboard. Created as an all round Wing, the Air Force Wing developed my Mistral, is super easy to use, super light and stable when held in a neutral position. A good performer in both light and moderately strong winds, the Air Force Wing is a true all-rounder. The webbed handles are optimally positioned for micro-management and the front ‘Yoke’ ideal for stationary position and Wing recovery.

The Air Force Wing is optimally designed for entry level riders through to upper level intermediate riders learning with or without foil and for those exploring down wind foiling and down the line riding. The omission of a window, ensures optimum aerodynamics, improved performance and a reduced distraction for the rider, promoting better practices of full vision rather than marginal and a lighter overall Wing, lessening fatigue in lighter winds. Angle wing tips minimise surface contact and promote ease of learning and improved control.

You are a novice to upper intermediate rider
The Air Force Wings are ideally suited to novice to upper intermediate riders, offering universal appeal and all-round capabilities.

Air Force 3m 25-40 knots 10psi
Air Force 4m 13-27 knots 8psi
Air Force 5m 11-24 knots 7psi
Air Force 6m 8-20 knots 6psi

Product composition and construction
Canopy non absorbent Polyester (Dacron) sailcloth. Inflatable leading edge and central strut, 175gm Dacron and nylon stitching.

Stock advice
Avoid storing in direct high UV sunlight to prolong material longevity. Rinse with fresh water to evacuate all salt crystals. When dry, store in dry, well ventilated place avoid humid heat sources.

Developed and tested by our design team in Holland and the UK. Components have been tested to ensure they meet nominal expectations of performance within reasonable expectations of form, function and budget.